Avant Academy AI Program believes in grooming high school students to be changemakers by exposing them to Artificial Intelligence. Students can identify challenges in the society and build innovative solutions using AI. We hope these students will be future problem solvers in the world. Artificial intelligence (AI) Applications range from large scale analysis of medical data and online retail recommendation engines, to robotics and computer vision, to sensor fusion in the tiniest sensor nodes. The infusion of AI techniques into so many areas of computing is changing compute paradigms across the board. We believe AI is EVERYWHERE.




  • Research and passion projects have a statistically significant impact on college applications in this world of holistic admissions. Students can build their passion projects in the areas of Healthcare, Law, Environmental Science, Astronomy
  • Avant students featured their research projects in “a meaningful experience and not a resume filler".
  • Avant Academy Students increase 4X their chances to elite college admissions with their passion research project
  • We set the 1st research-building experience and students carry forward to the next bigger research opportunities


Our team are inspiring professionals with Ph.D in Data Science from elite schools and students from Harvard, MIT, CMU. Our goal is to instill the love for technology especially AI since AI is Everywhere.

The AI curriculum is developed based on experience from winning national and international science fair, hackathons and business pitch challenges. Many of our students have gained admissions to Harvard, Caltech, Yale, Duke, VA Tech, VCU and numerous other colleges. We provide guidance to summer internships and help with college applications. Our faculty help students shape their own AI Startup companies and patents.


AI In Healthcare

Build machine learning models to diagnose diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular degenerative diseases, pneumonia from complex data sets

AI In Finance

Students will build tools to predict stock trends and understand algorithmic training in financial markets using unsupervised learning, supervised learning and reinforcement to build and train algorithms that will learn portfolio and risk management.

AI In Astronomy

You will collect data from NASA Keppler telescope to train models to detect and characterize space exoplanets. You could discover alien life and gain experience training models.

AI In Environmental Science

Build and train machine learning models to predict Harvest diseases and build models to detect and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change using AI / ML models and drone technology

AI in Law

Develop models to help lawyers perform elaborate research, case analysis, automate workflows, forecast litigation outcome, analyze IP profiles and draw conclusions

AI in Mental Health

AI tools to help providers go through data resources and collect clinically actionable targets that will improve patient care.

Student Highlights

"Towards the beginning of this program, I had a very basic understanding of Python. With this program, I was able to learn about the different kinds of models that are used for different tasks. I learned how AI detects faces and the points that is used to pin point the correct face."

Aditi Singh
TJ High school

"My dream career is to pursue Medicine. I was hesitant to pursue CS and in particular AI. With the help of my instructor, I was able to overcome my fear for coding. I built a Parkinsons diagnostic tool using AI at the intersection of Medicine and Technology. I hope to be a cutting edge technology and a surgeon."

Tejas Kommuri
Academy of Sciences

"I am passionate about pursuing a career in Law. At the intersection of my passion for tech and journalism, I got to work on a fake news detection AI model. In addition to coding, I broadened my perspective on ethical questions and AI applications.”"

Andrew Huang
West Field High School

"I always dreamed about building applications to predict stock trends. I had an opportunity to build predictive AI Algorithms to predict trends in stocks. I am now excited in pursuing careers in Economics, business and tech.”"

Rakesh Parag
Mclean High School

Core Technologies Covered

computer vision

Computer can now understand the visual world around us.This has powered transformative technologies such as self-driving cars and facial recognition. We'll study the underlying methods.

recommendation systems

Netflix and spotify are able to find patterns in large datasets to suggest the best movies or songs for you. How do they design these powerful recommendation systems?

natural language processing

Alexa and siri are able to converse with us and answer our questions. Language translation has made the world a smaller place. What's the science behind making machines understand words?

deep learning

Deep learning has led to vast improvements in analysis of unstructured data including images, videos, and text to create powerful AI applications. How do we use this technology for the benefit of humanity?