Avant AI India

Developing AI Leaders through Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking

High school students in India can learn Artificial Intelligence concepts and build socially impactful projects.

  • AI Coaches are passionate graduates and students from Harvard, Yale, Duke, Carnegie Mellon and MIT.
  • Students require no programming knowledge
  • Students who know Python can learn advance concepts of AI
  • Avant AI Program is project based learning
  • All students will have an opportunity to build their passion project in the space of Healthcare, Law, Economics, Environmental Science, Astronomy.


Registration Parents register through Avant AI Academy portal School is registered to run an AI Program for students as a club
Payment Parents pay for their child through the Avant AI Portal School pays Avant AI Academy for the entire class OR School advocates parents to pay Avant AI Academy directly
Curriculum Fixed as per Avant AI Academy Tailored as needed by the individual school


High school students in India can learn Artificial Intelligence concepts with or without programming experience. Students who know Python programming will attend advance level of AI. Our focus is to learn AI through multiple hands on project building activities.

AI Coaches are passionate graduates and students from Harvard, Yale, Duke, Carnegie Mellon and MIT. AI Coaches are past winners of International Science fair, International USA Bio Olympiad winners, USA Computing Olympiad winners, winners from Business pitch challenges at Wharton. We believe in instilling the love for AI and building future leaders of India. We hope these students will solve toughest problems in Medicine, Law, Finance, Business and will be respected as Change Makers.


High school and College students will learn AI through 60 hours program. They will identify a problem they would like to solve and build a socially impactful AI Projects with a team.


High School students will learn foundational concepts of machine learning and deep learning techniques. Students will build AI models for Computer Vision and NLP applications using Python and additional libraries.

Students will be introduced to some math behind important Machine Learning algorithms such as Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression.

Students will be grouped based on the levels of programming experience into Basic and Advanced level which is more coding intensive.


Program Fees: INR 65000 (all inclusive)

Student can click on the Register page to pay online.

Program Contact: info@theavantacademy.com

All classes are online.


Avant AI Academy for curious minds and big dreamers. Avant Young Minds dream BIG and integrate Technology, Language, Arts, Sciences along with human interaction. Our mission is to develop the balance between science and arts with logic and imagination. With students commitment, persistence and willingness to fail and learn from mistakes, builds resiliency. Through development of social good projects, students learn to embrace ambiguity and handle uncertainty along with systemic thinking.

High school students can enhance their resume with technical skills, socially good AI project they build. This will open opportunities to internships, national and international competitions, science fair, business pitch challenges and innovation competitions.

High school students will explore challenges that society faces. They will be creative in carving their project as a solution to the problem either as individual or as a group. Students can build applications and explore computer vision applications powering autonomous driving, facial recognition and more.

High school students can apply to their dream schools in India or in the US showcasing their innovative skills in AI. Students will be seen as problem solves, change makers and future innovators. Our students have been accepted to Harvard, Caltech, Berkley, UMich, UVA and more.


High school students have worked hard learning new technology and creatively solving problems in a team setting. Finale day is a two fold.

College and Career Workshops

High school students will understand pathways to their dream colleges in US. They will discuss inspirational college essays, majors, college application process, and insight into recommendation letters. Students will also have an opportunity to discuss careers in AI at the intersection of Medicine, Law, Finance, Business, Environmental Science.


Students will attend a High school students will present their socially good project developed to their teacher, mentors and parents.


Every student is our finest Ambassador. Our students compete in different national and international competitions. We take pride in our student work. Our students have won national accolades, international science fairs, hackathon and business pitches. Many students have won seed money for their products. Many of our students have held AI summits to encourage other young under privileged students to learn AI. They pass the battalion to underclassman. Our students are passionate about technology and we can’t wait to see how they grow and nurture their love for AI.

Testimonials from our students in India

My name is Akanksha, 10th grader with no programming knowledge. I had an opportunity to learn basic AI and was able to build a drug detection system as students enter the school. I am incredibly proud that I was able to compete in International Challenge through Avant Academy.


My name is Aditi, 11th grader with some python programming background. I loved the Avant AI program. It was inspiring to learn from graduates from Duke and Harvard students. They have instilled the love for AI and I hope to study abroad for my Bachelor degree.


My name is Ashwin, 11th grader interested in AI. I was resisting joining the AI class since I assumed it is hard to learn since I had no programming background. But AI Coaches made the class very interesting and it was completely hands on building multiple small projects along the way of learning AI Concepts.


My name is Sunil, Senior in high school, I love AI and I want to build a socially good project. I enjoyed building an app to diagnose plant diseases using AI. I am able to use the app on a daily basis.